Pyridine (pyridine) an organic intermediate that "sweeps"

In the field of agrochemistry, one kind of chemical structure can be seen almost everywhere, which is pyridine.Structurally, pyridine is a six-membered heterocyclic compound containing one azo atom.In application, pyridine can be said to be an important intermediate of "sweeping" three drugs (pesticide, medicine and veterinary medicine), which not only has a large market demand, but also plays an extremely important role in promoting the green development of agrochemical and other industries.

There are many kinds of pyridine special fine chemicals, among which chloropyridine is a kind of high value-added product with great development potential.This kind of product is in agrochemical, daily use, medicaments wait for a domain, having the effect that nots allow to underestimate.

In the field of agrochemistry, pyridine pesticides are called fourth-generation pesticides with high efficiency and low toxicity.It has good environmental compatibility with human beings and organisms, and conforms to the development requirements and trends of pesticides.Compounds containing pyridine rings have become one of the main directions of pesticide development.
Among them, chlorpyridines, a high-efficiency and low-toxicity pesticide with large market capacity, is an important intermediate in its manufacturing process, which is chlorpyridines -- 2, 3, 5, 6-tetrachloropyridine.However, the first generation of neonicotinoid insecticides, imidacloprid, is an important intermediate, and chloropyridine products 2-chloropyl-5-chloropyridine.
The promotion history of imidacloprid can be said to be brilliant. Since its launch, imidacloprid has spread to more than 40 countries around the world in just three years. Now, it can be said that "imidacloprid can be found wherever there is plant protection".Where imidacloprid is present, chloropyridine is also indispensable.In addition to imidacloprid, the insecticide dipyridine is also a neonicotinoid insecticide with chloropyridine as an important intermediate.
In the field of herbicides, chloropyridine can be seen everywhere.For example, diucao is the world's third largest exterminator after glyphosate and paraquat.The important intermediate of this herbicide is chloropyridine 2- chloropyridine.
As paraquat, a highly toxic pesticide, is banned, and glyphosate, the market leader, continues to cause cancer, diaquat's market capacity will expand.The fast production of dicao requires 900kg of 2-chloropyridine per ton, and 2-chloropyridine will have a broader development space.


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